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Answers To Your Questions

Who is Fresh Start Financial?

Fresh Start Financial is a subsidiary of Gateway Capital Corp. Since 2008, GCC has generated nearly $1.0 Billion in demand in the form of lead generation for the top Funders and ISOs in the MCA space. As the industry changed and decline rates increased, we pivoted to MCA Settlement and Restructuring to provide Funders and ISOs recovery and revenue opportunities on over-leveraged Merchants. As MCA industry veterans, we are uniquely positioned to apply our experience to this growing business trend.

How do I make money by referring my declines?

Referral Partners earn fees based on the total amount of liabilities the Merchant is currently carrying. Depending on the age and completeness of a file, we pay Res 2% - 4% of the liabilities the Merchant chooses to restructure or work-out. The average "enrolled liability" is $90,000. RP commissions are paid in full as soon as the client completes his or her fourth monthly restructuring payments.

What constitutes a referral and how do I get it to Fresh Start Financial?

When a Merchant is declined or the offer you have for him is insufficient to meet his objectives, you or your sales rep simply says, “We work with a company that helps businesses with cash flow issues. I’m sending them your information and they’ll give you a call”. Send us the info, we confirm the status, send you a receipt, and our closers take it from there.

How do I track my referrals?

We are dedicated to 100% transparency. Every Referral Partner receives a weekly activity report listing the status of all your referrals including payments and commissions.

How do you help businesses manage their legal & financial obligations to creditors?

We negotiate realistic and ethical solutions for Merchants suffering hardship because of too many cash advances and, in some cases, unrelated commercial debts.

I’ve heard some bad things about settlement companies; shouldn’t I be nervous?

Indeed, there are a few unscrupulous actors in the MCA settlement arena, targeting Merchants who find themselves choking on too many cash advances with exaggerated promises of financial freedom. Certainly, Merchants should be cautious; that is why we invite clients to conduct full diligence on our company and affiliates.

But aren’t debt settlement companies hurting the funders?

For a Funder, a fair settlement can be less expensive and more reliable than in-house or outsourced collections or litigation. Funders negotiate with us because it’s just good business.

How do you help a Funder recover bad debt and defaults?

We work with Funders who refer defaulted Merchants and, if the client enrolls, we guaranty no less than 50% of the outstanding debt on “first out” basis versus any other stacked advances.